5 features of Toon Blast: A puzzle game


Are you looking for a game which is full of enjoyment? Try Toon Blast, and it is one of the best games which are full of entertainment and rewards. The game was developed Peak Games for Android and iOS platform. Here the player will meet with several kinds of adventure cartoon and some magic words. In the game, the player needs to match the puzzle and make a block. When you have completed a block until at last, then it will automatically blast, and the next level starts.

While playing the game, the gamer will meet with several challenges and day task that you need to complete. As much as the challenges completed, then you have a chance to win some authentic rewards. As a gamer point of view, you always need some knowledge about its features.


•         When you make a plan to play the game, then you need to complete the challenges of each level. Through this, one can easily unlock the next level.

•         Try to play with something new aspects and make a unique objective to get some entertaining obstacles.

•         The best part about its playing is that a player needs to unlock the whacky booster. It is used to blast the game to reach onto the next level.

•         When you have completed the standard, then you will gain stars. So, try to play with such a way that consumes limited time and you will get all stars.

Thus, these are some features of playing Toon Blast game. So if you like to play the puzzle game, then it is the best option for you.

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